A Web Development Company

Kwalela Web is a Web Development Company that specializes in web-based systems ranging from online banking systems, online accounting systems, project management systems, online survey websites, booking systems, basic websites and many other web systems. From our stand point Web Development does not only mean developing systems and websites on the web but also keeping the web and the devices that are used to connect to the web safe and secured from viruses and malware, it is with this view in mind that we have partnered with McAfee® LLC to offer affordable cyber security solutions in Namibia.



Get a mobile frindly website for as low as N$5,000.00 and pay only N$500.00 per year or N$100/m for maintainance.


You can go pro for as low as N$500.00 per year, contact us to get your name@companyname.com email address.


We are official Mcafee® partners in Namibia, we offer the best and affordable cyber defence solutions.


We are offer hosting services for websites, emails and mobile applications, contact us for your hosting needs.


Office Address: 77 Independence Avenue
Windhoek, Namibia 10012

Contact Details
Telephone: +264 61 233 977
Email: contact@kwalela.com

P.O. Box 11249
Klein Windhoek